Are the handpainted shoes from BARO waterproof?

Yes, they are done with professional diluted leather paint and bleachproof as well. However, keep them away from acetone (polish remover).

What is the average price for a custom pair?

It varies greatly! The lowest is 6.000.000VND (US$260) to the highest of 13.000.000VND (US$565).

What categories of antiques does BARO offer?

I mostly hunt and collect textiles such as embroidered panels, rank badges, imperial attires to silverware, enamelware and medals. The collection is predominantly from Nguyễn and Qing dynasties.

Are the historical reconstructed garments always on display?

Unfortunately no. BARO's most sophisticated products: historical reconstructed garments are 100% made from silk materials (gauze, damask, brocade, etc.) and crafted by the best embroidery workshops in the Imperial City of Huế. Therefore they won't be on permanent display due to fragility and invaluableness. Alternatively, you are welcome to contemplate the artworks on BARO's upcoming catalogues.

Does BARO have a physical gallery?

Firstly, BARO apologizes for not having opened a store due to this unpredictable pandemic. At the moment, we are running the business entirely online.