In April 2015, BARO started out as a sneakers business known for sourcing limited/exclusive models. Within the next two years, BARO introduced his own "handpainted sneakers" line dedicated to exquisite values of Asian arts. Following the huge success of Nguyễn-dynasty inspired sneakers collection "Annam Heritage" in 2018, BARO continued to release "Splendor of Ryukyu" exploiting authentic Ryukyuan techniques and several sub-collections focusing on Vietnamese arts, which also went viral internationally.

In 2019, BARO's "Annam Heritage" got featured in the exhibition "Present from the Past" by Vietnam Centre, Sydney and "Thụ Động" by Vietnamme Talk, Saigon.

La Quốc Bảo, founder of BARO.


La Quốc Bảo (羅國寶)

Having inherited the multicultural essence from my family, I always have an unfathomable passion about traditional arts. I returned to Vietnam after completing my Architecture degree in Monash University, Australia to pursue the love for Chinese-Vietnamese antiques and heritage-inspired fashion, especially the Nguyễn dynasty.

La Quốc Bảo, founder of BARO

What is BARO today?

BARO is officially converted to an East Asian art gallery specializing in heritage-influenced fashion and imperial antiques , along with historical costume reconstruction.

Nguyễn-dynasty inspiration in BARO's custom sneakers
"Annam Heritage" sneakers along with printed imperial attires by former partner Great Vietnam
An antique Nguyễn-dynasty embroidered panel in examination process by BARO.